Bev Hudson

Bev has been working in international education for thirty years in four countries. Prior to becoming CEO of University Partnerships, Australasia in July 2018, she was working for Navitas in North America for 12 years across a number of roles including: College Director and Principal at Navitas’ first pathway program in North America; Fraser International College; General Manager for Navitas Canada and as President and CEO of University Partnerships, North America. Her current responsibility is to manage all University Partnerships operations in Australasia as well as being responsible for determining the strategic direction of the division, overseeing the learning and teaching direction to ensure the quality of delivery and strong student outcomes. Bev has been involved in all aspects of international education including curriculum design, student services, faculty and administration. She has developed and implemented the strategic vision for internationalisation at several universities including internationalising the curriculum, international recruitment and marketing, student support, and international partnership development. Bev received her Master of Education from Edith Cowan University. In 2014, she was awarded the International Education Distinguished Leadership Award from the British Columbia Council for International Education.

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