Helen Zimmerman

Helen Zimmerman has been on the frontline of international education since she started teaching English to migrants in the 1970s at Navitas English Services (formerly ACL). Having held leadership roles in Australian public and private education for over 30 years, Helen’s roles with Navitas have included Executive General Manager with Navitas English, Group General Manager Government & Stakeholder Relations, and most recently serving as Navitas’ Chief Corporate Affairs Officer before stepping out of the company in early 2018 into the role as Advisor to Navitas. In November 2017, Helen received the International Education Association of Australia’s Excellence Award for Distinguished Contribution to International Education, and she currently sits on a range of Education boards. Helen serves as the Chair at Tuition Protection Service Advisory Board, she is a Board Member for Jobs NSW, an Advisory Board Member with CEDA and a Non-executive Director with Catalyst Education.

Education, a key enabler of Australia’s burgeoning service sector

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