Keeping up with the fast changing developments in education innovation

Navitas Ventures was founded at the start of 2017 with a clear mission — to advance innovation in education globally.

We recognise that this mission is ambitious, and cannot be achieved through a small central innovation team. Fortunately Navitas operates in virtually all major developed and emerging education markets, and we can use this market access to effectively understand and respond to the leading developments in education technology worldwide.

We developed the Navitas Venture Scouts program to harness the potential of this global network. The scouts represent a community of 70 Navitas employees, based in key locations around the world, and brought together through a shared passion for education innovation.



Each scout has volunteered to be part of the initiative, dedicating their free time to building relationships, scoping out new opportunities and capturing local insights in their respective ecosystem.

This scout network was integral to the 2018 Global Edtech Ecosystems project, which profiled the EdTech environments within 20 cities and featured a unique EdTech index to help identify global best practice.

We continue to harness and share the insightful perspectives of our scout network through our Venture Scout Blogs.   You can now access unique insights on the US, European, Chinese and Australian EdTech markets and benefit from our scouts’ personal views from the ground, with recent posts covering the key developments, players, risks and opportunities from a range of key EdTech ecosystems.




We welcome your feedback on our venture scout network or any insights shared in our venture scout blogs. If you have any questions about Navitas Ventures, please contact Tim Praill, Head of Navitas Ventures (

About The Author

Navitas announced Tim Praill as the new Head of Navitas Ventures, the company’s corporate venturing arm, in April 2018. Also the General Manager for Strategy and Transformation, Tim has been with the organisation for two years. Prior to working with Navitas, Tim was a Project Leader with The Boston Consulting Group and a Senior Strategy Consultant with Deloitte. He is currently serving as a board member with Volunteering WA and holds an MBA from the London Business School.

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