Sarah LIghtfoot

Sarah Lightfoot has been with Navitas for over two years in the role of General Manager, Marketing and Recruitment for Navitas Australasia. In the Australasian region she leads the global Sales and Marketing team and is responsible for connecting student recruitment, brand strategy and marketing, to transform the customer journey while ensuring the company achieves significant growth. Prior to this Sarah was the Director of Sales and Marketing working across two divisions within Navitas - the Professional and English Programs Division and University Partnerships Division.  For over 15 years Sarah has developed strategic marketing, communications and change leadership skills through a range of roles in both the public and private sectors having held previous positons with The University of NSW (UNSW) and Western Sydney University.  As an expert mediator who thrives when leading transformational changes in business, Sarah has proven her passion for enhancing the customer experience and improving business outcomes in digital transformation. Outside higher education her interests extend to service industries, EdTechs, not for profits, global NGOS, professional bodies and lifelong learning providers.

Benchmarking international agent performance .

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